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Music lover? Building your collection? Useful tips and helpful info for vinyl, CD and more.

Is music the permanent soundtrack to your life?

Can you imagine getting to the point where you have to sleep standing up, because your home is so full of records?

Although this website isn’t about music as such (there are plenty of places where you can read about that), on you’ll find articles containing helpful info, tips and trivia relating to records, CDs, music cassettes and music collections in general.

Although in ‘real life’ I’m really opinionated about music, I’ve deliberately kept this website genre- and format-agnostic.

So whether you listen to Vivaldi on vinyl, Céline Dion on CD or Tony Cassidy on cassette, you should still hopefully be able to find something of interest.

The same applies if you crave the crackle of vinyl, treasure cassette tape background hiss, love the pristine sound of CD or can’t contemplate anything but the brick wall limiters used on your digital music.

New articles appear semi-regularly. If you enjoyed something you read here, or found it useful, you’re welcome to share it on social media or link to it from your own website or blog. Thanks a lot.

Vinyl, CD or cassette?

The articles are sorted into categories – vinyl, CD and cassette. Use the links below or the navigation menu at the top to explore.

Who am I?

  • A middle-aged bloke (inevitable, really)
  • British, but lives elsewhere in Europe
  • If I’m awake, there’s a good chance I’ll be listening to music
  • Big music collection, amassed since the 1980s
  • Produces music (well-kept secret, as most of the world has not yet caught on to this fact)
  • ‘Bedroom’ DJ (ditto)
  • Works in the industry (small, insignificant cog, without decision-making function)
  • And as I also love writing and creating websites, I thought I’d create a website where I could write about music.

Recent articles

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